At Vilavil we totally appreciate the desire to feel individual and unique when dressing up! To try and cater to this as much as possible in Gibraltar, we only sell a handful of pieces for every style of dress we have. Plus, we don't bring them back in for the following year.

When purchasing your Vilavil dress, you can enter details of the date and location you will be wearing it to before checking out - this is particularly useful if you're wearing it to a wedding nearby. If you do this, we will upload these details to that item description online, so anyone eyeing up that dress will know if it's being worn to the same event. 

The aim of this is to discourage people from wearing the same dresses to events, however, if a client still wants to purchase a dress for the same occasion we can't & won't stop them from doing so. 

Our dresses are purchased from suppliers around the globe. Please note that whilst we do our very best to avoid people wearing the same Vilavil dress to events, our suppliers stock other global companies and Vilavil cannot be held accountable if a style has been purchased elsewhere.